Palo Verde Generating Station

Operator: Arizona Public Service


Location: 50 miles west of downtown Phoenix, AZ

Address: 5801 S. Wintersburg Road, Tonopah, AZ 85354

Operating License Unit 1: Issued - June 01, 1985, Expires - June 01, 2045*

Operating License Unit 2: Issued - April 24, 1986, Expires - April 24, 2046*

Operating License Unit 3: Issued - November 24, 1987 - Expires - November 24, 2047*

Reactor Type: Pressurized Water Reactor (PWR)

Electrical Output Unit 1: 1335 Megawatts Electrical (MWe)

Electrical Output Unit 2: 1335 Megawatts Electrical (MWe)

Electrical Output Unit 3: 1335 Megawatts Electrical (MWe)

* The US Nuclear Regulatory Commission approved a 20-year operating license renewal for the three Palo Verde units in 2011

Palo Verde Overview

Palo Verde Generating Station is the largest power producer of any kind in the United States and generates enough electricity to meet the needs of approximately four million people. It has been the largest power producer of any kind in the United States since 1992. Palo Verde is the only generating facility in the country to produce more than 30 million megawatt-hours - a feat that the facility has achieved eight times, including three years in excess of 31 million megawatt-hours.

Because of its location in Arizona's Sonoran Desert, Palo Verde is the only nuclear plant in the United States that does not sit on a large body of water. Instead, it purchases treated wastewater from several area municipalities to meet its cooling water needs, recycling approximately 20 billion gallons of wastewater each year. That wastewater is further treated at Palo Verde's Water Reclamation Facility - often called Palo Verde's "fourth unit" - before it is circulated through the condensers and cooling towers of the three nuclear units.

In addition to producing electricity for customers across the Southwest, Palo Verde creates an annual economic impact of $1.8 billion on the Arizona economy. Not only is Palo Verde a major employer in the area, it also makes a substantial amount of local purchases from suppliers that support the region's economy. Palo Verde is the largest single commercial taxpayer in Arizona, and it pays more than $50 million in property tax revenues to Maricopa County, the Maricopa Community College District and the local school district. The facility directly employs about 2,800 employees and contractors with a combined payroll of about $255 million annually. As a result of its operation, Palo Verde indirectly supports an additional 5,800 jobs and $253.7 million in payroll annually at other businesses throughout the state.

Palo Verde's mission is to SAFELY and efficiently generate electricity for the long term. The facility is operated by Arizona Public Service (APS) and is owned by a consortium of seven utilities in the Southwest. The owners and their percentages of ownership are:
- APS, 29.1%
- Salt River Project, 17.49%
- El Paso Electric, 15.8%
- Southern California Edison, 15.8%
- Public Service Co. of New Mexico, 10.2%
- So. Calif. Public Power Authority, 5.91%
- L. A. Dept. of Water and Power, 5.7%

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