About Us


On September 1, 1999, Pacific Gas & Electric (Diablo Canyon), STP Nuclear Operating Company (South Texas Project), TXU Electric (Comanche Peak), and Ameren UE (Callaway) joined in alliance together. After a series of changes, some of these members broke off to form the sub-group of STARS, for Strategic Teaming and Resource Sharing.

The STARS Alliance, as it is known today, was formed in 2012 to support its member companies and their goal to bring excellence to nuclear power plant operations. The alliance consists of 4 companies with 7 nuclear reactors across 4 states:

  • Callaway Energy Center (Missouri)
  • Diablo Canyon Power Plant (California)
  • Palo Verde Generating Station (Arizona)
  • Wolf Creek Nuclear Operating Corporation (Kansas)

The Alliance Vision and Mission are:


Excellence Through a Strong Alliance


We Provide Value to Our Member Stations Through a Culture of Continuous Improvement

The STARS Alliance conducts activities through cooperative efforts. Although we are not a fleet, we leverage our natural synergies (large, Westinghouse designed, relatively new, pressurized water reactors in NRC Region IV) to make our performance, as a whole, better than we could individually achieve. To accomplish this mission, we provide a governance structure for overall coordination/direction of STARS of activities, establish teams to identify and implement performance improvement, monitor key performance indicators against established goals, and refocus our direction when necessary.

To achieve and maintain a high level of plant operational and regulatory performance we use a dedicated alliance staff to implement industry best practices across a comprehensive set of functional areas. We support each other in the preparation for significant inspection/audit activities to ensure success. Response to plant challenges is provided collaboratively by sharing technical expertise, resources, and operating experience across STARS. We seek out opportunities to work together on initiatives that provide mutual benefit.

We align with vendor partners to achieve economies of scale, promote consistency across STARS, and to implement best practices. We build on the competence and experience of our vendors through goal alignment and partnering activities.

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